Remain in me, as I also remain in you (John 15:4). 

Whether we realize it or not, we're being spiritually formed every day. What forms us?

The stories you believe, the habits you’ve formed, and the relationships you foster; driven and guided by the Holy Spirit, over time, and through life’s variety of circumstances.  

We need to believe the right story (the gospel), develop the right habits (spiritual practices), grow in the right relationships (the church), and learn to trust the Holy Spirit's guidance in all life's circumstances. 

To help partner with the Holy Spirit in our formation, we need to intentionally develop and practice a Rhythm of Life. 

What is a Rhythm of Life?

A rhythm of life is a set of intentional practices which helps us stay connected to Jesus at all times. Some people call this a "rule of life." The word "rule" comes from a latin word refers to a vine trellis - a structure that promotes the healthy growth of the vine. A rule - or rhythm - of life helps promote healthy spiritual growth. 

“A rule of life, very simply, is an intentional, conscious plan to keep God at the center of everything we do. It provides guidelines to help us continually remember God as the source of our lives. It includes our unique combination of spiritual practices that provide structure and direction for us to intentionally pay attention and remember God in everything we do.” ~Pete Scazzero 

“A Rule of Life contains spiritual, relational, and vocational rhythms needed to sustain the life in Christ we’ve been called to” ~Jeremy Linneman 

To start working on your own rhythm of life, download the "rhythm of life chart." We also have other resources and sermons below that can help you. 

Rhythm of Life Resources

The following sermons and sermon series' are all about developing a rhythm of life. Listen to them for further teaching and advice.