Steve and Kathy Bowlers are global workers in Malawi who oversee two ministries, see below.

Fountain of Life: Steve Bowler is the Director of Fountain of Life (FOL). FOL exists to help those who have been sexually assaulted. We couldn't stop the assault from happening but we want to make sure they don't have to deal with it alone! We provide a variety of support services (counselling, comfort packs and support groups).We use our Church Tool Kit to break the silence around this issue and ensure everyone knows that help is available.
First initial funds were donated through Broadway Church which allowed FOL to open our office and sustain our operations for the first 2 years. With support from UNICEF and other donors FOL was able to expand its services to 7 cities in Malawi. In 2017 the Abbotsford Pentecostal Church held a fundraising Gold Tournament which raised funds to buy a building for FOL which now includes the office as well as a House of Safety for victims of abuse who need a safe place to stay.
Children of Blessing:  Kathy Bowler is the Director of Children of Blessing Trust (COBT). COBT offers love, hope and encouragement to children with disabilities and their families in Lilongwe, Malawi. COBT provides rehabilitation services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, specialized equipment, nutrition, epilepsy management), preschool education, special education, school sponsorships and our Kid's Club.  COBT started with 45 clients in May 2007 and now has an active caseload of over 1600 clients a year. We opened our first centre in 2008. Expanded our services to include therapy, preschool, special education, nutrition rehabilitation, epilepsy management, Kid's Club and ChildCARE Plus Sponsorship services first in Area 25 and now in 11 rural communities within a 40 kilometre radius of our centre. 
Prayer Requests:
• Financial Sustainability for both ministries
• Protection of their staff, clients and their families as Malawi copes with the COVID-19 Pandemic.
• Wisdom for Kathy and Steve as they are currently in Canada overseeing their ministries from afar.
• Wisdom to know when is the right time to try and go back to Malawi.

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