APA Kids on Sundays

We're so excited to invite you to our APA Kids program on Sundays. 

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Nursery: 6 to 24 months (Register at the nursery after 9:45am)

Toddlers: Ages 2 and 3 (Register in the lobby before the service, then drop your kids off at their classroom when dismissed) 

Preschool: Ages 4 and 5 (Register in the lobby before the service, then drop your kids off at their classroom when dismissed) 

Elementary: Grades 1 to  5 (Register in the lobby before the service, then kids meet their leaders in the lobby when dismissed)

*A nursing mothers room is available for self-serve as well as a parent area for kids who arent ready to attend Kids Church. The service is live on a TV.



Child Dedication
Have your new family member dedicated at APA!

When children join a family, whether by birth or adoption, parents are given the responsibility of raising that child well. We find the examples in scripture (1 Samuel 1:21-28; Luke 20:21-40) of parents dedicating their child to the Lord.

At APA, instead of baptizing children, parents makes the choice to dedicate them to God. This isn't about the salvation of the child, but rather the commitment of the parents to do everything they can to love their child and raise them to know who Jesus is. The church body also makes a commitment to help love and invest in the child and to support the parents in any way they can. 

During a child dedication service, each family will stand before the congregation as the families are prayed over and answer simple questions of commitment. We encourage you to invite your family and friends to be a part of these services!

We are so excited for your family to take this next step!

Dedication Sign Up
Mom n' Tots
A weekly drop-in for mom and children under 5

Starting up again on October 5th,  Mom n' Tots meets weekly on Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:30am. Come meet other moms and have some coffee and treats while your kids play,  free of charge. No need to sign up,  drop-in and out at anytime during the morning.

Where: Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly, 3145 Gladwin Road in the Church Nursery (please enter through the office doors). Hope to see you there!

Prize Palace
Prize Palace is back on October 15th before and after the service on Sunday!

Prize Palace happens a few times a year and is an opportunity for kids to spend their hard earned bonus bucks to get all kinds of fun prizes and treats! Bonus bucks are earned when kids come to church, bring their bibles,  learn memory verses,  have birthdays,  or lead as good examples! Don't miss the chance to come and see what fun items are available this time.

Fundraiser for Home of the Good Shepherd
APA Kids is going to be working hard to raise a goal of $300 to donate to Home of the Good Shepherd in Brazil to help with their "A Rocha" project!

We believe in giving kids an opportunity to help other kids! For the months of October and November,  APA Kids will be working on raising money to do this by supporting a project to get equipment and supplies for a new building that the Home of the Good Shepherd has built in Brazil. The building project is called "A Rocha" meaning The Rock - Jesus. These kids need supplies so that they can encounter God's transformative love through teaching, classes, and mentorship, as well as events that will take place in this building. 

APA Kids will have until the end of November to raise money and on December 3rd we will celebrate their hard work and will donate the money to Home of the Good Shepherd! 

Click the button below to check out Home of the Good Shepherd's website and see the project we are fundraising for. 

"A Rocha" Project
Kids Takeover
Kids Takeover will be taking place on October 29th during the Sunday service.

Our church is full of gifted kids! We want to give them the opportunity to serve on Sunday and learn from the adults who lead in our church. Get ready to see them on stage helping with worship and announcements, by the doors greeting you on your way in, at Milk & Honey brewing you a cup of coffee, in the back working on media and tech, and helping to check kids in at the front! 

Connect with Sophia at sophia@apaonline.ca if you are wondering how to sign your kids up to be involved in Kids Takeover. 

Kids & Carols
Our annual Kids & Carols production will be back on December 10th.

Don't miss this special Sunday where we will get to see APA Kids present the Christmas songs they have been working on all Fall!