Please take a few moments to let us know about your experience with Connect Groups this semester. This form should only take you 2-3 minutes to complete. We'd love to hear from you and your feedback will greatly help us improve the impact and effectiveness of Connect Groups at APA in the future!

Please evaluate the following statements: *
Please evaluate the following statements:
I found signing up for a Connect Group easy and efficient.
It was easy for me to find out where my Connect Group was located.
I felt extremely welcomed by my Connect Group hosts.
I developed strong relationships with other members in my Connect Group.
The videos were a great refresher about the passage we were discussing.
The questions were extremely practical and relevant.
The questions were thought-provoking and challenge.
I am more connected at APA because of my Connect Group.
I have spent more time reading/studying my Bible.
I am more purposeful about listening to the sermon and applying it to my life.
Being a part of a Connect Group has made me more likely to invest in someone else at APA.
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with Connect Groups.
Describe your overall experience during the discussion time by checking off all the boxes that apply: *